What exactly is a used airbag

   What are used airbags

As a company who has been distributing airbags since 1999, it is our opinion that used airbags are a safe alternative for vehicles who are totaled solely on the replacement cost of new airbags. But more importantly, they are a viable solution for individuals who can not afford to buy new airbags based on the current blue book value of their vehicle. However, it is important to educate yourself to learn about critical differences when purchasing a used airbag. Keep in mind that your vehicle already has used airbags. Meaning, when we say the word "Used" it means not brand new. As soon as you drive your car out of the dealer your airbags are now labeled as used parts. Here is another example, if you own a 2001 vehicle and your airbags just deployed in an accident then your airbags in 2016 are 15 years old and they worked just fine. Our point is if your vehicle is in good working condition and you can not afford to buy brand new airbags at a dealer then buying used OEM airbags is a viable solution to driving with no airbags at all.

"Not all used airbags are created equal!"

Our largest competitors of used airbags are salvage yards and auto recyclers. However, there are many important distinctions between the Airbag Center and the salvage industry. First, recyclers have very little if any knowledge of the parts they dismantle. Their job is to take apart cars as quickly as possible and make a return on investment from the parts. Generally, the individuals removing the parts cut important wires, break connectors, damage vinyl covers and worst yet, some airbags are left outside exposing them to water and moisture. Second, auto recyclers do not have any technical skills and therefore have a difficult time properly documenting the airbags. All these issues expose recyclers to a large volume of returns and ultimately installing the wrong airbag in your car can be a disaster waiting to happen. In turn, before shipping our items, we do a five-point inspection on all our airbags. We document and make sure they are in original condition before they are ready to sell to the public. In addition, our proprietary software technology and trained staff make every effort to record critical differences to eliminate any fitment issues firsthand. In our opinion, our attention to detail makes for a viable solution as a used airbag replacement part that can be recycled in any rebuildable vehicle.

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