Melted Airbag Connectors

   Why are my clock spring connectors melted

The connectors melt due to the heat of the conversion from a solid to a gas. When the ignitor activates the pelots inside the airbag canister the medal absorbs the energy and the heat transfer melts the clockspring connectors.

Does this happen to every clock spring?

No, you must remove the steering wheel airbag to be certain.

Does this also happen to the passenger airbag?

Yes, in some cases the passenger airbag also melts the airbag harness connectors. You should inspect the connectors to be sure.

The dealer wants a ton of money for a new clock spring and or the passenger wiring harness, what can I do?

At a fraction of the cost, we can sell you a pair of replacement connectors that fixes your clock spring and harness . If you don't see them on our website call and ask if we carry them for your vehicle.

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