Hazmat Shipping Explained

   What is Hazmat Shipping

Airbags and seat belts are considered a Class 9 explosive and therefore this classification requires that the airbags be shipped as hazardous materials. Shipping any item as hazardous requires a service fee in addition to the regular shipping charges. On average, airbags will cost about $65 - $90 dollars to deliver in any rural city or suburb in the lower 48 states and as usual there is a surcharge for PR, AK, HI. We only ship airbags by ground service.

Is there a concern for handling airbags

All factory original airbags include grounding straps that ground out the pins on all airbags. The purpose for the grounding straps is to avoid any static electricity from activating an airbag. These grounding straps snap into action as soon as the connector is removed from the actuator. To futher improve your safety, our company places all airbags inside an anti-static bag adding another layer of protection. We have been handling hundreds of thousands of airbags for more than 20 years and have never experienced any issues with accidental deployment.

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