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We have one of the largest Inventories of pre-owned GM airbags available online. You can search our inventory by selecting the year make and model below our Airbag Center logo at the top of any page or at the end of the page. We do not require any registration for you to see our prices. In addition if you don't find what you're looking for we provide you with the ability to request a quote by checking the boxes for the items you need and one of our sales representatives will send you pricing and availability by email. This option will require basic details so we can respond to your request by email.

GM Airbag Product Types:

We stock GM airbags for the steering wheel, dashboard, the knee airbag (both left and right side), the seat airbags (front and rear), the curtain airbags (left and right side). Most are in stock and ready to ship. Our inventory changes daily, however, if you do not find what you're looking for we give you the option of requesting a price quote and we respond by email or text (if you choose.)

GM Airbag Light Reset Service:

If you would like to recycle your airbag control module we provide a service of removing the crash data from any GM airbag module. Airbag modules must be removed and  mailed to our address for service. The process takes one to two days (based on daily volume of work) and then we mail it back to you ready to install. As long as all the airbag components were properly replaced and fixed, you can install your cleared old module and the light will come on for a few seconds to self check and turn off. Once the airbag light is off your airbag system is now active. Learn more here GM Module Reset

GM Airbags for Vehicle Types:

We stock a variety of GM airbags with many different product types as described above.  We carry airbags for the following vehicles:

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