Do we sell impact sensors

Do you sell impact sensors

No, we do not sell impact sensors. However, it is important to note that most impact sensor can be reused. In addition, some impact sensors are part of the control module and therefore, you will only need to reset your control module.

If you find that your vehicle inspector or insurance company listed replacement impact sensors on your repair estimate. Then, that will mean that your vehicle is equipped with them. However, that will serve as an indicator that you should inspect them to see whether they are damaged or in good condition. Ninety percent of the time the impact sensors will be reusable.

Where are my impact sensors located

Because we don't sell them we do not track their location, so unfortunately we will not be able to answer this for you. However, you can call a local dealer with you VIN number and they should be able to guide you. If one dealer doesn't help you, you may have to call more then one.

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