CQFAQ OEM Definition

   What is the definition of OEM

Are your airbags OEM?

Yes, all the airbag we sell are Original Equipment Manufactured or OEM.

Are your airbags remanufactured?

No, we do not repair or replace any parts on the airbags we sell. They are all original and exactly what was in your car when you purchased it. The airbags we sell are used because they are from the same year of the ones in your vehicle. As an example. If you own a 1999 Ford Mustang, then we would sell you a non deployed used airbag that was manufactured in 1999. Again, these are the same airbags that were in your car and worked just fine during your accident. If you buy one from the dealer and it has been sitting on the shelf since 1999, then in essence you are purchasing a used airbag.

Are your airbags used?

Yes, we sell them as used because some come from other donor cars. However, we have a proprietary inspection process and each part is inspected to make sure they are in original condition.

Do you sell new airbags?

Yes, under the definition of each item we list whether they are new or used. SEE New OEM Surplus airbag description.

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