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Buying used airbags is a viable solution for rebuilding crashed vehicles!

But are recycled airbags safe to use?

As a company who has been distributing airbags since 1999 it is our opinion that used airbags are a safe alternative for vehicles which are totaled solely on the replacement cost of new airbags. But more importantly, they are a viable solution for individuals who can not afford to buy new airbags based on the current blue book value of their vehicle. However, it is important to educate yourself to learn about critical differences when purchasing a used airbag.

"Not all used airbags are created equal!"

Our largest competitors of used airbags are salvage yards and auto recyclers. However, there are many important distinctions between the Airbag Center and the salvage industry. First, recyclers have very little if any knowledge of the parts they dismantle. Their job is to take apart cars as quickly as possible and make a return on investment from the parts. Generally, the individuals removing the parts cut important wires, break connectors, damage vinyl covers and worst yet, some airbags are left outside exposing them to water and moisture. Second, auto recyclers do not possess any technical skills and therefore have a difficult time properly documenting the airbags. All these issues expose recyclers to a large volume of returns and ultimately installing the wrong airbag in your car can be a disaster waiting to happen.

"We can help you find used airbag replacements"

At the Airbag Center our inventory of used airbags are carefully selected by a knowledgeable staff of product handlers. Using a proprietary five point inspection process we can identify broken or missing parts and any questionable airbag is quickly eliminated. Furthermore, with our custom software we identify & categorize airbags by vehicle year, make, model and most importantly features. This allows us to provide you with an accurate delivery the first time around. But don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about our products and services.Customer Testimonials

"What to expect from a used airbag"

We carry two type of used airbags. The first is one that we purchase from our network of dealers who sell us preowned airbags from salvage vehicles. The second comes from dealers in which we buy in bulk of overstock or returned items. All of these airbags have been handled by mechanics, installers, salvage wreckers, etc.. who in some cases may or may not wear gloves. Therefore, in all likelihood a used airbag part will have evidence of parts that have been handled by mechanics and therefore some minor soiling is expected. However, the soiling is only on the outer cloth lining and is minimal and has no effect on the perfomance of the airbag. In addition, airbags are manufactured from steel. Meaning, the mounting brackets, the housing, the cylinders are all manfuactured out of steel and when any steel product comes in contact with the atmosphere it will create surface rust. Some airbag manufacturers add rust protection, however over time it will wear and some minor rust is expected. Moreover, we also purchase airbags that are brand new from the dealer in never opened boxes with a production date of six months or less and guess what, there is already surface rust showing on a brand new part. Unfortunately, surface rust is unavoidable. Also, most airbags will have a plastic cover which will be the design of the steering wheel, the dash, etc... When you purchase used airbags there is a possibility that you will see minor scuff marks or light scratches on the vinyl of the airbag cover and over time the chrome on the logo's will tend to fade and some of the chrome will wear off. The issues defined above are what is natural of any used part as it ages. Therefore, you have to expect that when you make a purchase of a used airbag you are sacrificing some cosmetic but not the performance of the part.

As part of our recertification and our inspection process we scrutinize all the parts as they arrive and there are many products that never make the fold and therefore discarded or returned. We only select items that we classifyas class "A" condition products. However, these products still are susceptibleto all the conditions mentioned above. As time moves on, there are many items that are no longer manufactured. For these items, we have to lower our standards a little, but again, only for cosmetics. The reason this is done is because their are some customers who are faced with a choice of either driving with or without an airbag. Often times, they will prefer the protection of the airbag over a completely faded logo or a heavier scratch that would otherwise, again, not affect the performance of the airbags and its main job of deploying in an accident.

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