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Airbags with Horn Problems

If your horn has stopped working the airbag may be the cause of your problem. On some late model vehicles the steering wheel airbag was designed with a horn pad installed between the airbag cloth and the vinyl cover. Over time the pad would wear and the thin electrical film that supplies the connection breaks. If this has happend to your cars horn, unfortunately these pads are not sold separately and the steering wheel airbag must be replaced.

How to check a faulty airbag horn pad

Warning: working with airbags is dangerous and can cause severe injuries. Use these procedures at your own risk.

F.Y.I. It is helpful that an assitant hold the airbag and sqeeze the horns when ready.

 First, you will need an ohm meter or tester that has an audible continuity test feature. Change your meter to this setting and with the leads you are going to touch one side (ground) to any bolt or steel part of the airbag. There are some airbags that provide a grounding cable coming out of the airbag, so you will use that instead. The other lead you will touch to the positive side which is either a red or black cable and or spring loaded cable (what type of positive cable you have depends on what type of airbag is in your car). You will want to test your meter first to make sure the audible feature works, simple touch both leads together and your meter should beep. Once completed, use the instructions above while one persons holds the leads the other simply presses the horn bottons or pad. If the meter begins to beep immediately without anyone pressing the horns than the pad is grounded out and the airbag must be replaced. If you press the horn and you get intermittent results than the horn pad is worn and you have to replace the airbag.

Buy a replacement airbag when your horn pad is damaged.

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Known vehicles with defective horns

 The following vehicles have been identified to have issues with the horn pads.

Buick Lesabre, Buick Park Avenue, Buick Road Master, Buick Skylark

1995 Buick Lesabre Horn Image

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