Airbag For Testing And Research

Airbags for Patent Testing and Research Facilities

We are dedicated to helping companies who test and research materials for patent infringement. You can purchase small quantities of any type of airbag. We will handle the entire process for you. Not only will we find the airbags you need, either new or used, we can also handle the dismantling of the airbag and send you just the part you need.

There are many law firms and testing facilities who require a partner to help them locate airbags that may be on recall to provide additional analyzes of the airbag cushion or the airbag cylinder. We will facilitate the entire process and in addition, upon request, we can record the dismantling and document any part of the process you require.

Have an idea that requires an airbag?

We can help you identify a particular airbag or airbag technology to allow you to purchase small quantities of products to help you develop your prototypes. Talk to one of our representatives to review details of your project or invention and we can help you determine a starting point for your invention.

* We will be happy to sign your nondisclosure form to protect your design or invention. Warning, deploying airbags or any airbag module can cause serious bodily injury and or death. We will ask that you sign a hold harmless disclaimer for our protection.