2008 Toyota Tacoma 142234 Left & Right Roof Airbags

Item #:142234
Inner Bag
Used Left & Right Roof Airbags *
Includes OEM Certified Pre-owned, driver and passenger side curtain airbags

Pre-owned LH and RH Curtain Airbags

We sell SRS roof airbags for most if not all current vehicles and have one of the largest inventories of left side and right side roof airbags in the industry. All the airbags we sell are OEM (Original Equipment) used airbags that are in class A condition. In addition we certify all airbag parts by our own internal inspection and certification process. When adding the roof airbags to your shopping cart make sure that you select the correct ones if your vehicle is manufactured as a two door or four door model and also what type of cabin you have on your truck. The airbags will have different lengths if you have a regular, extended or crew cab truck. When these options are available you will see the details defined in the description for each part. In most cases there is only one curtain airbag on each side of the vehicle. However, there are limited models, such as extended SUV 's where they will also have a separate rear curtain airbag to cover the extended portion of the vehicle. In this scenario you will need to purchase both the front and rear curtain airbag if both deployed.

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