2002 Chevrolet Cavalier 135106 Airbag Diagnostic Module

Item #:135106
Used Airbag Diagnostic Module *
This is a replacement diagnostic module for your vehicle (*Module Reset Option Is Not Available for this vehicle*)

Pre-owned Airbag Diagnostic Modules

The airbag modules that we sell come from running salvaged vehicles where the airbag light is off which shows that all airbags systems were functional . Although we do a general inspections of each modules they can only be fully tested while mounted on your vehicle. In addition, airbag computers are part number specific and you must match the part number from your vehicles module with the one coming from the donor car. Using a donor module is not an option for every vehicle. The marriage between a module from one car to another is more prevalent to work on older model cars, 2004 down. I reiterate, the part numbers must match. Moreover, there are some newer model vehicles where it will work but you must own a scanner as additional programming maybe required. For newer vehicle we do offer a service where we clear the crash data recorded during the accident. This allows the memory on your module to be freed up in an event of another accident. In essence, vehicles from 2004 (there are some vehicle variants that can not be reset regardless of the year) and up we generally will recommend a module reset service.

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