Airbag Steering / Dash & Module
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Certified Pre-owned, Includes one OEM steering wheel, one dash airbag and one diagnostic module or (our module reset service.)

Pre-owned Steering Wheel, Dashboard Airbags and Airbag Diagnostic Module

We sell SRS steering wheel airbags, passenger side dashboard airbags and diagnostic modules for most if not all currant vehicles and have stock for the LH and RH airbags and module as early as the 1990's. All the parts we sell are OEM (Original Equipment) used airbags that we certify by our own internal five point inspection. The control modules come from vehicles that are still fully functional and where the airbag light was off at run time. The left and right airbags are sold as a bundle and include the airbag module or our signature reset service. Moreover, In the event that we no longer stock the airbag diagnostic module for your vehicle we will provide the module reset service at no addition cost. However, please keep in mind that you will need to ship us your control module so we can clear the crash data from the memory chip. When the description says "Airbag Steering / Dash & Module" the price will include the airbag for the steering wheel, the dash side airbag and the SDM (airbag module). In addition, it is important to note the color of each of your airbag covers. On our site you will find the color next to the item number. For example, if the color says "Black / Inner Bag (No Cover)" the driver airbag color is black and the (/) slash then separates the next color which would be the dash side airbag. In this example when it says inner bag it means there is no cover and therefore, there is no color because the dashboard is not included with this particular year, make and model of airbags. Lastly, please note that not every module can be reset, our reset process will depend on the year, make and model of the vehicle. In some situations we may need to contact you and request the part number of your airbag module.

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