Airbag Steering Wheel
Certified Pre-owned , Includes one OEM driver side steering wheel airbag

Pre-owned Steering Wheel Airbags

We sell SRS steering wheel airbags for most if not all currant vehicles and have a large inventory of left side airbags that go back as early as the 1990's. All the airbags we sell are OEM (Original Equipment) used airbags that we certify by our own internal inspection. All left hand airbags come with a steering cover and the basic mounting assembly and although some car manufacturer only fabricate them in one basic color others manufacture them in multiple colors. The color for the steering airbag is listed on our catalog next to the Item number. In addition, many steering airbags may or may not be equipped with control buttons. For example, they may have volume control, cruise control, phone, heat etc.. Some of these controls are directly mounted on the airbag and some are not, however, the ones that are not attached to the airbag may have a different designs (shape) because of the control buttons. If you don't see any buttons on the sample picture than that means this year, make and model probably offers the control button mounted directly to the steering wheel and not part of the airbag itself. Please make sure to compare any control options with the LH airbag you are purchasing online with your vehicles airbag.

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