Airbag Passenger Dash
Certified Pre-owned, Includes one OEM Passenger side dash airbag

Pre-owned Passenger Side Dash Airbags

We sell SRS passenger side dashboard airbags for most if not all currant vehicles and have stock of right side airbags as early as the 1990's. All the parts we sell are OEM (Original Equipment) used airbags that we certify by our own internal five point inspection. It is important to note that some dash airbags do not come with a dash cover. For example, on our web site when you see the words (Inner bag no dash cover) that will tell you that it does not include the dash panel. However, if it has a color associated with the right side airbag then it includes a cover that is attached with the airbag. If you only need to purchase the right side dash airbag and you see a product item that includes both the steering wheel and dashboard airbag combination do not hesitate calling us. In most occasions, we can break up the pair of airbags and sell you just the passenger side or if we can not separate them we can source just the passenger airbag.

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