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Please tell us the color of the steering  wheel cover and passenger dashboard
Steering Wheel Cover Color
Passenger Dash Color
Front Airbags
Steering Wheel Airbag
Passenger Dash Airbag
Airbag Control Module
Airbag Module
Curtain Airbags
Driver Side Roof Airbag
Passenger Side Roof Airbag
Side Impact Airbags
Drivers Side (Seat or Door Airbag)
Passenger Side (Seat or Door Airbag)
Rear LH (Seat or Door Airbag)
Rear RH (Seat or Door Airbag)
Knee Airbags
Drivers Knee Airbag
Passenger Knee Airbag
Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners
Drivers Seat Belt L Rear Belt
Passenger Seat Belt R Rear Belt